quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017 Briga pela audiência | 14:30

Estreia da série “Sem Volta” deixa Record em terceiro, atrás de SBT e Globo

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Nicola Siri, Camila Rodrigues e Ângelo Paes Leme em "Sem Volta" (Munir Chatak/Record)

Nicola Siri, Camila Rodrigues e Ângelo Paes Leme em “Sem Volta” (Munir Chatak/Record)

A estreia da série “Sem Volta“, que a Record reservou para entrar no ar durante as férias dos apresentadores de sua programação noturna, não despertou muito interesse do público. Nos números da Grande São Paulo (levados em conta pelo mercado publicitário) divulgados pelo Kantar Ibope, a atração – que tem Camila Rodrigues, Ângelo Paes Leme, Heitor Martinez e outros nomes no elenco – ficou em terceiro lugar, perdendo para a Globo e o SBT.

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Briga pela audiência | 14:00

Multishow investe em programas e comemora crescimento na audiência

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O elenco do 'Vai que Cola', um dos sucessos do canal (Juliana Coutinho/Divulgação Multishow

O elenco do ‘Vai que Cola’, um dos sucessos do canal (Juliana Coutinho/Divulgação Multishow

Multishow investiu bastante em programação própria e fechou 2016 com sua maior audiência desde o início da medição do Ibope, em 2002, com 50 milhões de telespectadores ao longo do ano. O canal chegou ao sexto lugar no ranking de TV Paga no horário nobre (entre 19h e 1h), sua melhor colocação desde 2007.

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quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017 Briga pela audiência | 14:00

Ratinho derrota Xuxa em todas as segundas de 2016

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Xuxa perde feio para Ratinho toda semana. (Fotos: Blad Meneghel/Divulgação e Lourival Ribeiro/SBT)

Xuxa perde feio para Ratinho toda semana. (Fotos: Blad Meneghel/Divulgação e Lourival Ribeiro/SBT)

Só deu Ratinho na vice-liderança nas segundas-feiras de 2016. Tanto na Grande São Paulo quanto no Painel Nacional de Televisão (PNT), o apresentador levou a melhor sobre Xuxa em todos os 48 confrontos neste dia da semana.

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terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017 Briga pela audiência | 17:30

Marcos Mion e Sabrina Sato deixam Record na vice em 2016 no sábado à noite

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Sabrina Sato e Marcos Mion vão bem na audiência (Edu Moraes e Antonio Chahestian/Record)

Sabrina Sato e Marcos Mion vão bem na audiência (Edu Moraes e Antonio Chahestian/Record)

A Record continua comemorando os resultados de seus programas de auditório em 2016. Além de Geraldo Luís, Rodrigo Faro e Gugu terem ido bem no ano passado, chegando até a roubar a liderança da Globo em alguns momentos, a emissora também está satisfeita com seus índices nas noites de sábado com a dobradinha “Programa da Sabrina” e “Legendários”.

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Briga pela audiência | 13:45

Sem Ana Maria e Fátima Bernardes, Globo sofre de manhã com a Record

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Renata Alves, Sérgio Marone e Ticiane Pinheiro no comando do "Hoje em Dia" (Antonio Chahestian/Record)

Renata Alves, Sérgio Marone e Ticiane Pinheiro no comando do “Hoje em Dia” (Antonio Chahestian/Record)

A Globo deu férias ao mesmo tempo para Ana Maria Braga e Fátima Bernardes, e viu seus índices, quase nunca ameaçados pelas concorrentes, diminuírem no primeiro dia da mudança. Na segunda-feira (2), o “Mais Você” foi derrotado pelo telejornal “Fala Brasil” por 8 pontos a 7 e o “Hoje em Dia” deixou a Record 1h08 na liderança.

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Humor, Programa, Vem Aí | 08:00

Tom Cavalcante terá nova temporada de “Multi Tom” este ano

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Tomna pele de Pit Bicha (Foto: Edu Viana/Divulgação Multishow)

Tomna pele de Pit Bicha (Foto: Edu Viana/Divulgação Multishow)

Tom Cavalcante agradou ao público do Multishow e garantiu uma nova temporada do “Multi Tom” na grade de 2017. A atração, que estreou em abril do ano passado e teve segunda temporada em novembro, registrou um crescimento de quase 70% na audiência dos episódios inéditos, atingindo durante o ano cerca de 17 milhões de telespectadores e deixando o canal no TOP 3 da TV paga, segundo dados do Kantar Ibope com os inéditos mais recentes.

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segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017 UN | 15:17

Latest cinema news: Are Superheroes remain American Idols

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Cinema News About People in america Difficulty Struggling SUPERHEROES

Such a small attendance of cinemas, as this calendar year – 405 million obtained tickets – was not since the summer season of 1992. But, unusually plenty of, it happens to be high quality.

The summer season film distribution period (the period of time between the first weekend of Could possibly in addition to the final weekend of August – Labor Working day) in North The united states was the worst around the final 10 years.

According to comScore estimates, the cassette cashier was only three.8 billion, and that’s 15% worse than past year, and 13% below in 2015. Anything appears even gloomier, if you think about the statistics of tickets offered. Such a small attendance on the cinemas – 405 million ordered tickets – wasn’t out there since the summer of 1992.

According towards the best and newest movie news and rumors the results for the summer months year are crucial for assessing the point out from the marketplace. This is the traditional time of launch of massive blockbusters. People, whose charges then account for as many as 60% on the remaining hard cash desk to the yr, with 5 or 6 of these earning “homes” in excess of 300 million each. This year has grown to be an exception. Only three movies were being capable to overcome this milestone: “Wonder Woman” ( 401 million), “Guardians of Galaxy 2” (? 390 million) and “Spider-Man: Returning Home” (? 328 million). They accounted to get a complete of 30% on the entire summer time fund. As outlined by the reviewers, the movie regarding the “miracle-amazon” executed by Gal Gadot saved American distributors: the forecasts for your collection of the image were being basically twice much more modest, but she entered the top-5 most box-office comedian publications, replacing “Iron Male 3”.

One of your most respected media analysts with the globe, Paul Dergarabedian, delivered this market verdict. “This looks crazy, but for your initially time in twenty-five years we were still left free of fresh new releases to get a broad distribution over the Labor Day weekend.” The Wonder Female “and” The kid over the Drive “came back again with the cinemas (went to regional rental in June and March, respectively. – Ed.) If it’s not proof that the business is dying previous to my eyes, I usually do not determine what it’s always, “the authority stated following the publication of fresh new comScore summary statistics.

Outflow of viewers and gloomy forecasts of analysts have previously dealt a significant blow for the cinemas. Over the past a few months, shares on the most significant networks fell sharply in amount by a mean of 15-20%. AMC Amusement Holdings Inc. endured essentially the most. – fell by 45%, and Regal Enjoyment Groups and IMAX – by 27% and 28% respectively. Additionally, the months in advance are usually not but the foremost extreme with loud releases.

According to comScore’s forecasts, the American film marketplace this 12 months will arrive at daily life only some periods – aided by the release of “Blade Runner 2049” additionally, the following part of “Star Wars”: “At the end belonging to the calendar year,” Star Wars “will sit alone along with the earth. loss of life of movie theaters? No. But will this 12 months be considered a turning stage to the market? Surely .It is a lesson that it should always soak up or perish, “the expert believes.

New Avengers Film: The War of Infinity. The movies will likely to be renamed.

Well, the premiere with the motion picture The 1st Avenger 3: Confrontation took place and we will say with self esteem that this is really a completely new chapter while in the Marvel movie universe. The film is a beginning of Period 3 of this movie community as well as the tonality for the photo clearly reveals which the attack on avengers are awaiting challenging occasions in advance.

Under the route of administrators Joe and Anthony Russo, who picked up the reins from your palms of Joss Whedon after the film The Avengers 2: The Age of Alphron, Period 3 have to be the biggest and cruelest chapter of all constructed by Marvel. The administrators have realized recognition many thanks towards the movie The first Avenger 2: A further War, The very first Avenger 3 can be favorably acquired by followers and critics to date, but ahead of the brothers Rousseau you will find a complex task in advance – to direct the franchise to your next films with regards to the Avengers crew. To date, the paintings are well-known given that the Avengers: Infinity War Section one and Half 2, but Rousseau just lately generated the belief that this kind of a name introduces confusion and suggests which the two paintings could be a part of a person story – and this just isn’t completely true.

In an interview with Uproxx, the Rousseau brothers not just verified which the Avengers three and Avengers four could possibly be distinctive tales, but they would have unique names. This is what Joe said:

These films are going to be two totally different photographs. We’ll shift the names, just haven’t resolved but what. But certainly, we will adjust them … we’ll rename them.

Anthony extra that now the names are “misleading”. Literally, this corresponds to what the brothers have by now stated: there’ll be two varying tales. If that’s the case, then for them, for Marvel and for us, this is the superb indicator, certainly if we start thinking about that the drive within the studios to divide the last parts with the story into two films has not long ago gained unfavorable comments in the audience. It happens to be pleasant to understand that Marvel is absolutely not just trying to “milk out” the Avenger Cow, but he will supply the fans two movies instead of dividing one tale into two halves.

The dilemma remains: what kind of names will there be? Presumably, this would still be the culmination of what began around the Avengers, in addition to the heroes will have to confront the intergalactic undesirable male, Thanos. In comics this function was divided into 3 interrelated tales, Infinity Glove, Infinity Wars in addition to the Campaign of Infinity. Could it’s that we will be revealed either of such two components (or all 3, if some form of merger of 1 tale into two can take place)?

It’s not a actuality if you happen to base on what is acknowledged to date. If ever the organize is to try to reveal while in the first of all movie the Infinity Glove, and in the 2nd Infinity War or maybe the Campaign of Infinity, what is actually the purpose of trying to find a new title? No, and therefore the latest name will not be harmful in the least. Moreover, the Crusade of Infinity by and enormous can be described as sequel to Gloves and Wars, so you learn ?

It stays an option the 1st movie will display a combination of the 2 outlined arches, and also the second will notify with regards to the Crusade. Right here some logic could possibly be traced, subsequent to all, the storyline is the changeover from issue A to level B, but why yet again try to find another names?

That, but, did not materialize – yet stress over it early. The film universe Marvel looks to obtain been in decent palms. The very first avenger three demonstrates that the Rousseau brothers use a taste and recognizing of whatever they are engaging in. Remembering this, you might hope that their following films, irrespective of how they’re named, will clearly show an unparalleled quantity of characters concurrently, and most most likely they will be able to carry out all making sure that it appears to be like EPICALLY.

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Briga pela audiência | 13:00

Geraldo Luís, Rodrigo Faro e Gugu fazem a alegria da Record em 2016

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Geraldo Luís, Rodrigo Faro e Gugu renderam bons índices para a emissora em 2016 (Divulgação/Record TV)

Geraldo Luís, Rodrigo Faro e Gugu renderam bons índices para a emissora em 2016 (Divulgação/Record)

A Record está mais que contente com o desempenho de três dos seus principais programas de auditório em 2016. “Domingo Show”, “Hora do Faro” e “Gugu” garantiram a vice-liderança para a emissora em 2016, fechando com bons índices.

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sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016 Programa | 08:00

“Duelo de Mães” termina neste sábado com mães de chefs disputando quem é a melhor

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Ticiana Villas Boas apresenta o 'Duelo de Mães' (Gabriel Gabe/SBT)

Ticiana Villas Boas apresenta o ‘Duelo de Mães’ (Gabriel Gabe/SBT)

Ticiana Villas Boas ficou bastante no ar em 2016. A apresentadora emendou o “BBQ Brasil” com a segunda temporada do Bake Off Brasil” e, após um ligeiro descanso, voltou com um novo programa “Duelo de Mães”, que termina neste sábado (31), no SBT. Como o nome diz, a atração coloca mães de personalidades com algum nível de fama para cozinhar e ver qual se sai melhor, faturando R$ 5 mil.

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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016 Reality show, Vem Aí | 16:30

Band reprisa “MasterChef Júnior” a partir de domingo

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"MasterChef Júnior"será reexibido aos domingos (Divulgação/Band)

“MasterChef Júnior”será reexibido aos domingos (Divulgação/Band)

A Band não cansa de colher os frutos do formato “MasterChef” e vai continuar apostando nele já no primeiro dia de 2017: a emissora reprisa, a partir deste domingo (1º) o “MasterChef Júnior, que colocou crianças de 9 e 13 anos para cozinhar, no final de 2015. Os nove episódios, cada um com duas eliminações, que vão ao ar aos domingos, às 17h30.

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